Lease with us ! our  lease program includes option, rent to own, or 2nd chance rentals. Landlords can list their properties free & access renters/buyers list. Applicants can search properties per request for a current list of lease option or rent to own. Affordable homes move in ready you can secure a lease with proof of income. List your property free & gain full access to our 16- year old data base. Your Job is your credit if you have challenges we can help on a case by case bases. However a little credit goes a long way.  Our service provides a way out while you clear your credit within 6-12 months of the lease term. Request  a list of available properties to view at your leisure.  

Landlord complete a brief intake, set a time for an inspection we will give you an option an list it free to gain immediately exposure on our network of curious renters searching. Renters can secure lease ranging as low as 700 - 15000 per month. Tailored per your request. Click below to request your list of available properties. All applicants must complete online buyers for to get started. Relocating ! we take the hassle out of the process. With the properties listed we will tailored a property per your request that meet or beat your expectation. While staying within budget requirements.   Let our data base do the work for you. 

All properties as well as applicant are vetted in our process prior to gaining access to our network and once you meet the requirements you will receive properties to view on lock-box. All deposits are applied towards  the option & credited.  Click options below submit. Once we receive your request for a lease option,rent to own, sublet, it will be processed via our data base of rentals on  properties in our data base of Buyers & Sellers A network consultant will contact you. Once you complete the  online application an review sign and pay option fee.  Our network of buyers & sellers allow us to bridge the gap to hassle free affordable housing. 

"Thanks for the great service. I didn't think we could even get a home,let 
alone this kind of outstanding deal. You guy's are the best ! - Ron and Claire Becket 

"BSN are exactly what their name says. We called them on a Monday, and by Friday, we'd already been approved on our new home.after being in foreclosure. We stayed in our home however after being modified by H.S.N.  
affiliate. Thank you, B.S.N. Phillup Missic family.            

"Awesome service ! Great price ! low money down ! i can't thank you 
enough"- Crystal Richardson. 

Join our many satisfied customers and call for free consultation today.   

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                               18.10-YR OLD PlAT FORM