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Network where buyers can search free, seller can list properties on 20 year old data base. if you a buyers looking to just purchase , invest or partner you can do it all on this platform. Remove all the red tape in the process allow this platform to o do all the heavy listing. Our comprehensive services have been combined and tailored to meet the demands of the todays challenges. We tailor each asset too buyers request when you apply. Sellers that have listed their properties on this platform gain access too buyers searching for their specific deal. Buyers don't see any assets that do not meet their specific request.  

Seller gain access to our buyers once they list their property. our owner finance option expands your option to alternative funding whereby their are investors searching our database to buy the promissory notes form sellers that are receiving payment after closing weather it be a 1rst or a 2nd we have active buyers ready to make an offer to buy those payments no Bank , mortgage CO. Finance company. All done here on this platform.  

Our comprehensive services are designed  too support buyers and sellers in the process of buying and selling real estate. We go further by including our resources and partnerships over the years with other platforms, real estate companies, industry professional , agents , brokers , investors with many years of experience that support what we do and are members alike adding value and expertise in all aspects of the industry construction, financing , portfolio management, factoring and education. 

Member can JV with us along with Crowd fund projects with no risk from their SDIRA , 401K in a way to protect their savings and move funds to investment secured by real estate. Get paid on real estate without owning it. Invest in fix & flip it No banks. We have provided off market inventory since 2000 Our data base of inventory is what we do best. Assets include NPN, PN , discounted wholesale , distress assets, can be purchase via owner financing with 10- 25% down. Pay cash for wholesale deals as little as 40% under FMV.  Your member status has value, knowing you have strategic partner on your deal 
logistics, access to buyers , articles , e-books , video and more. Our inventory also is comprised of individuals word of mouth , investors relations that know and trust us for off market discounted assets.      

We provide a platform for note investors , real estate investors , wholesalers - we offer free support ,max  exposure on your deals seen by our network & there affiliates. Factoring assets that match buyers in our database request. We put your deals infront of buyers that request it. Our platform you Buy & Sell, invest or JV with us and obtain full access to our 20 -year old network of buyers. Also we offer funding on sellers renovation cost when they don't have it and your paid up to 8% of the ARV + ASIS lets make a deal. 

We factor returns on investments that show you the risk and how it's performing over the short , long term depends on your tollerance level for the kind of return on your investment little to know risk. Profit from asset without owning the property. Use savings too (crowd fund) projects with short term return or long term benefit. Fix & flip no banks. Move properties , sell contracts , renovate with our contractor members and more.  

In addition our consulting services help with rental portfolios conversions giving owner a way to leverage assets into private held note. Which is factored & sold to the highest bidder. We provide support on exiting deal for members. They are sold in full or partial to defer capital gain. Returns are generated from projects and secured by property.        

We have extended our services to outside real estate industry pros, savvy Investors, large or small . We offer a solution that provides little to no risk free downloads , educational power points and more. Know what to do too protect yours savings. We provide a viable solution secured by real estate & tailored to the short term & long term needs of our clients. Your not over exposed to any added risk of loss. We offer clients a proven safe bet on capital vested. While offering a peace of mind with a strategic partner hassle free.   

Their are three low risk options offering high returns. Purchase Acquisition , deeds. Your returns are insured as-well as secure in ARV. With additional security built in the event of worst case. Crowd Fund A project and help community's turn those empty houses in your area  call us. Sellers come out better as well as the neighborhood (click sellers )  to download calculation and detailed breakdown on a sample deal. Make more from ARV rather then just ASIS when you sell to us everyone benefits .       

        "We provide services tailored to meet the needs of our member partners with little to no risk".   

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